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Air Plug & Ring Gages:

Non-Contact Methods for gaging internal and external part features.  From single jet design to multi-jet design including match gaging, blind holes, thru holes, tapered features and multi-feature parts.  These systems are available in single master and dual master configurations.

* Edmunds Gages
* Western Gage Corporation


Dial & Electronic Bore Gaging:

From basic telescoping gages to the most accurate contact style internal hole inspections equipment.   Common names used to describe these products are as follows:  Cylinder Gage,  Holemike,  Borematic, Superbore, Holtest, Accu-Bore, Intra-Mike and various others. 

* Brown & Sharpe
* Dorsey Gage
* Diatest
* Dyer Gage
* Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.
* L.S. Starrett Co.
* Mitutoyo
* Mueller Gages
* Ono-Sokki Technology
* Standard Gage (Dorsey Owned Company)


Bore Scopes, Microscopes & Vision Systems:

Equipment from single to stereo viewing, with and without stage travel,  fixed and variable magnifications and zooms,  ability to capture what is viewed either digitally or with a standard camera equipment, CNC controlled stage travel.

* Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.
* Mitutoyo
* S-T Industries


Balances, Electronic Scales and Spring Style Weighing Instruments:

From basic "fish scale" styles to the most accurate electronic weighing scales on the planet.  Simple weight only units and those capable of checkweighing,  parts counting,  analytical scales,  scales capable of printing results, outputs for statistics and more.

* Acculab**
* Ametek
* Denver Instrument
* Ohaus **
* Rice Lake Weighing Systems
* Salters
* Sartorius**
* Shimadzu**

** These items are all offered by us through Rice Lake Weighing Systems,  we are NOT direct representatives for these companies


Cylindrical (Plain) Plug and Ring Gages:

The industry's most common method for checking internal and external cylindrical features.  These are commonly made from steel, steel with a chrome plating for wear resistance and of carbide for the highest possible wear resistance using common materials.  Other materials and surface treatments available.

* Dundick Corporation
* Glastonbury Gage
* Meyer Gage
* Mid-Tech Gage
* Pennoyer-Dodge
* R.L. Schmitt Co.
* Southern Gage Co.


Diamond & Borazon Wheels and Mandrels and Diamond Compounds:

Diamond and Borazon grinding and finishing wheels and mandrels are used throughout industry for finishing internal and external diameters to size with exceptional finishes.  Most of these same manufacturers also offer Diamond and Borazon cutting tools and inserts that are similar in design to standard carbide inserts.  Today's manufacturing techniques require highly precise and specialized tooling to achieve the part's requirements.  Our Diamond and Borazon tooling is manufactured with these goals in mind.

* Abrasive Technology
* Diamond Systems


Dial Indicating Type Gages:

Gage types including:  Height Gages,  Indicating Snap,  Bore,  Internal/External Groove and Recess,  Calipers,  Micrometers,  Large Diameter,  Shallow Bore,  Depth,  Flush Pin,  Countersink,  Chamfer,  and Spline Gages and various other common (and uncommon) types.

* Barcor
* Brown & Sharpe
* Chicago Dial Indicator Co.
* Dorsey Gage
* Dyer Gage
* Flexbar Machine Corp.
* Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.
* L.S. Starrett Co.  
* Mitutoyo
* Mueller Gages, Inc.
* S-T Industries
* Swiss Precision (SPI)

** High Quality Chinese Imports Available**


If you are a manufacturer that we represent and you do not see your name listed in the correct category or not at all,  please contact us.


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