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Force and Torque Gages and Calibration Equipment:

How much force does it take to honk the horn on your car at the person who just cut you off because they had a cell phone attached to their ear?  We measure that using force gages.  How much torque is required to remove the lid from a jar of peanut butter?  We can measure that using a torque type gage.  Whether it's basic torque gages used in the automotive industry or highly complex force and materials testing equipment,  these companies have plenty to offer:

* Advanced Witness Series (AWS)
* Ametek, Inc.
* Chatillon
* Consolidated Devices (CDI)
* Dillon
* Imada
* Mark-10
* Salters
* Seekonk Mfg. Co.
* Tohnichi America Corp.
* Weigh-Tronix


Gage Blocks:

Considered my most to be the basic building blocks from which all our measurements are derived.  Gage blocks are used to establish a reference target for setting up other types of inspection equipment.  They are used on surface plates with height gages,  used as calibration standards,  used in machine setups and just about anywhere that known dimensional values are needed for comparison purposes.   Materials for gage blocks include steel, chrome-carbide and carbide.

* Brown & Sharpe
* Fred V. Fowler Co., Inc.
* Mitutoyo
* Webber Gage Div. of the L.S. Starrett Co.

** We can also supply high quality Chinese imports**


Hardness Testers, Coating Thickness, Ultrasonic and Durometer Gages:

Verification and/or certification of materials received and/or shipped of a manufactured product often require the determination of the hardness.   Other requirements such as how much of a material is covering it's substrate,  and still others will need to check for porosity or cavities in molded and die cast parts.  We have you covered with all of these conditions.  Testing on steel, plastics and rubbers is very common.  These manufacturers offer a wide variety of products.

* Dakota Instrument
* DeFelsko Corporation
* Fred V. Fowler Co.
* M. Antonik Co.
* Mitutoyo
* Rex Gauge Co.


Mold Polishing and Other Finishing Products:

Ever wonder how some plastic parts and extremely smooth, shiny or maybe even transparent?  This is the result of craftsmen and their skills using abrasive polishing stones, mounted point wheels, diamond compounds and other products developed specifically for them.  We can supply your needs from the very basic abrasive stones all the way to diamond products and pastes from industry leaders.

* Abrasive Technology
* Diamond Systems Co.
* Foredom Machine
* Grier Abrasive Co.
* MX Fiber Impregnated Wheels
* Mounted Point Aluminum Oxide, Diamond and Borazon Pins


Optical Comparators and Video Inspection Equipment:

We have been approached by many manufacturers asking us to represent their lines of this equipment.  We made a decision many years ago to represent one line.  S-T Industries has been in the Optical Comparator business for over 50 years.  Their products are of excellent quality.  Many of the original comparators sold in the early days are still being used to this day.  We are proud of our alliance with S-T Industries.

* S-T Industries


Surface Plates and Surface Plate Tooling:

In order to qualify many parts in the manufacturing process, a reference base must be established to create a zero or starting point in the inspection or setup process.  This is where a surface plate and related tooling come into play.   We have aligned ourselves with two of the finest manufacturer's of surface plates.  Tooling and fixtures for use on surface plates include:  V-Blocks,  Sine Plates,  Parallels,  Bench Centers,  1-2-3 Blocks,  Compound Sine Plates,  as well as others.

* Challenge Machinery
* Granite Division of the L.S. Starrett Co.
* Suburban Tool Corp.
* Stuhr Mfg.
* Taft Pierce Mfg.
* Tru-Stone Corp.


Thread Plug and Ring Gages:

Several systems have appeared over the years to aid in the inspection of threaded parts.  We can supply those comparative type gages like the tri-roll thread checking systems offered by Southern Gage and by L.S. Starrett Co.  along with the normal thread verification method gages such as Threaded Plugs and Rings.  We are one of the few companies that can supply true "British" thread gages - not the modified form that is commonly produced in the United States.  Special thread gages are easy for us as well.

* Gage Assembly
* Mercury Gage Co.
* Pennoyer Dodge
* PMC Gage
* Southern Gage
* Titan Gage


Other Specialty and Hard to Find Items:

* Special indicator contact points made using carbide, steel, ruby, plastic, etc.
* Precision Gage Balls and Ball End Gages
* Spence Industries - CMM Threaded Hole Position Gages 
* Load Cells & Instrumentation
* Ball and Cross Roller Slides
* Spline and Master Gear Plug and Ring Gages
* Pi-Tape Brand Circumference tapes
* Precision Weights and Weight Sets
* LVDT's
* St. Mary's Spin Roll
* Universal Concentricity Gages
* Cogsdill Tool Products - Roller Burnishing Tools
* Pratt & Whitney  - "Supermike" and other Laboratory Calibration Equipment
* Leitech Gage - Variable thread depth gages
* Leeward Tool - Attribute and Variable Snap Gages
* Lockwood Products - "Locklines"  Flexible Coolant Hoses
* Evans Manufacturing - Peel-Coat Protective Coatings and Melting Pots


If you are a manufacturer that we represent and you do not see your name listed in the correct category or not at all,  please contact us.


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